Kirsten Talavera - Teacher Resume Simple
I am a highly motivated, and dedicated individual with a strong background in the field of dentistry, including: medical/surgical, and research.
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  • 2017-12-252017-12-25


    North Cypress Medical Center

    • Led the development of a new technology to increase the efficiency of the class and the students. I was able to work in a team environment.
    • Designed and implemented a new curriculum for the students to increase the success of the class. Created a classroom environment for the students and staff.
    • In-depth knowledge of the principles of the development of solutions and techniques to enhance the efficiency of the students.
    • Created and implemented a curriculum for the students and the students. This included the development of a curriculum for the school and the student.
    • Provided a variety of services to students and families in the classroom, and in the classroom setting. Worked with the school teacher to develop and implement the curriculum for the children.
    • Managed the development of the program and the annual budget for the department. Worked with the Director of the firm to develop and implement the curriculum.