Winona Henderson - Spanish Teacher Resume Simple
I am a dedicated and passionate educator with a strong background in the field of education, and teaching. I have a passion for the past four years of experience in the fields of mathematics, and educational.
  • organization, spanish, instructional design, planning, communication, teacher, languages, lesson planning, coordinator, french, communication skills, mentoring, teaching, administrative, leadership
  • mentor, communication, planning, teacher, organization, lesson planning, coordinator, communication skills, spanish, teaching, administrative, leadership
  • 2017-12-272017-12-27

    Spanish Teacher

    US Geological Survey

    • Teaching leadership skills, organization, and communication skills. Also, I am also responsible for the organization of the school newsletter.
    • Planning and implementing a variety of lesson plans and activities for the purpose of providing a safe and productive classroom environment.
    • Working with the teacher in the development of teaching and learning to help students develop their skills and skills. I am responsible for the planning and implementation of the curriculum.
    • Teaching Spanish to a second language teacher with a focus on developing skills. The ability to teach students how to read and write a new curriculum.
    • Assists in the development of the teaching plans for the purpose of providing a positive learning environment. In addition, I am responsible for mentoring and evaluating students, keeping parents, and supporting student progress.
    • Develop and implement lesson plans that are aligned with the state standards and the curriculum standards. teaching, including the creation of a variety of assessments and assessments.
  • 2017-12-272017-12-27

    First Grade Teacher

    Johns Hopkins Hospital

    • Team Leader: Leadership team, parent/teacher organization, school-wide communication, parent involvement, and special education Committee.
    • Collaborate with other teachers in planning and implementing activities, as well as administrative leadership, special education, Science, and social studies.
    • Assist in the supervision of the students, and provide a quality learning environment, and develop and implement strategies for instruction, coaching, and mentoring for the children.
    • Provide instruction and instruction to students in all subject areas, including English, Math, Science, social Studies, and Religion.
    • Collaborating with the school leadership team, including the principal, other teachers, parents, and community members to create a uniform and classroom environment.
    • Serve as a member of the teaching team, school leadership, and parent involvement. I am also responsible for the planning and implementation of the school's curriculum.