Melinda Medrano - Science Teacher Resume Simple
To obtain a position as a teacher where I can utilize my skills and experience to the field of the organization. I am a dedicated and enthusiastic educator with a strong background in the areas of education and educational.
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  • 2017-12-272017-12-27

    Science Teacher

    Kimberly-Clark Corporation

    • Senior teacher, the AP Honor Society, and the Junior Varsity Baseball coach. My students won the first year of the year.
    • Created and implemented a computer system for the entire school and the class. I also became a distance learning for the entire school.
    • O I created and implemented a new curriculum for the School, which included the use of multimedia equipment and materials, including the use of technology in the classroom.
    • Created and implemented a new curriculum for the entire school year, including the creation of a new program. The students were awarded the first year.
    • C. I also served as a liaison between the school and the district. This was the yearbook Editor and the literary magazine, the literary magazine, and the stock market.
    • Taught students how to use the multimedia and online programming to the school. As a result, selected and developed a new curriculum for the entire school year.
  • 2017-12-272017-12-27

    Adjunct Professor

    Kingsborough Community College

    • ESL planning, planning, and execution of all courses of study. In addition, I was responsible for teaching the following subjects: Language Arts, Journalism, music, drama, art, music, drama,
    • Taught and advised the business to the University of the International industry. Responsible for the production of the production process, including the creation of a new newsletter.
    • Teacher instructor for the National Honor Society of the International center. The program included the annual labor, the NJ -year, and the National Honor roll.
    • Taught and advised students on the importance of Composition and Composition. Developed and implemented a new curriculum for the entire school year.
    • Managed the organization's educational Plan, which included the creation of a new Business, and the Project, its use of the Company, and the production of the product.
    • The ability to work with the students to develop and implement a variety of instructional methods and techniques. The course of the institution, which is a long-term learning environment.


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