Walter Smith - Classroom Teacher Resume Simple
A highly motivated, passionate educator with a strong background in mathematics, and teaching experience. I am a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher who is a team player, and a passion for the ability to work well as a team.
  • assessment
  • 2017-12-272017-12-27

    Classroom Teacher

    Darton College

    • Developed and implemented a variety of assessment tools to measure student growth and development. Designed and implemented a comprehensive curriculum for the entire group of each child.
    • Provided individual and group assistance to students with disabilities. Identified and resolved conflicts between parents and other professionals. Worked closely with the school psychologist to develop and implement behavior plans.
    • Assisted in the development of the school improvement plan and implemented the program for the school. Responsible for developing and implementing a new curriculum for the entire staff.
  • 2017-12-272017-12-27

    Classroom Teacher


    • Special education teacher, winslow Township school District, Arcadia, NY.R.e., autism. And in-service programs.
    • Created and implemented lesson plans and activities for children ages 5-5. Taught age appropriate skills and social skills to help them learn about their own learning.
    • Collaborated with grade level team to create and implement lesson plans for all subjects. Lead weekly meetings and sharing ideas to enhance student learning.


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