Melissa Oshima - Long Term Substitute Teacher Resume Simple
I am a dedicated and passionate educator with a strong background in education and teaching experience in the field of arts, and special education.
  • teacher, education, critical thinking, communication
  • verbal communication, communication
  • 2017-12-272017-12-27

    Long Term Substitute Teacher

    K-Mart Corporation

    • As a substitute teacher I am also responsible for teaching students in grades K-12. Successfully taught general education, and integrated technology into the curriculum.
    • Maintained a positive classroom environment by implementing effective communication skills and student behavior in a diverse setting. Effectively managed students through the use of critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity.
    • My experience I was a long term substitute for the kids in the afternoon. The school year was a lot of the most -time, the most popular care of the top.
    • Created a safe environment where students could learn about their own lives and in the world.a.T.
    • Kept a safe and healthy environment that was clean and attractive. I assured that the students were able to learn.
    • I was also responsible for the creation of the classroom newsletter and keeping the bulletin Board in the classroom. I was able to take a lot of a variety of media and resources.
  • 2017-12-272017-12-27

    Delivery Driver


    • Served as a liaison between the local and International agencies in the Public schools. Presented information to parents about the school and its needs.
    • Developed and implemented a system to support the needs of the school. Conducted staff meetings and provided input to the principal and the community.
    • Provided communication with parents to provide a partnership between the school and the community. Created a partnership between the local and state of the public.
    • Collaborated with families, teachers, and parents to ensure that the needs of the children were met. I also helped facilitate the development of the child-centered environment.