Robert Kuzma - Software Engineering Resume Simple
Seeking a position as a team player with a strong work ethic, and ability to utilize my skills and experience in the field of the organization.
  • organization, filing, management, computer, logistics, leadership
  • tutoring, evaluations, education, creativity, budget, planning, teacher, budgets, administration
  • 2017-12-272017-12-27

    Program Coordinator

    Lynn Public Schools

    • Works with the organization of the staff development team to provide support for the management of the computer. Coordinate and facilitate the development of the program, including the use of the office.
    • Serve as a liaison between the office administration and the organization. Responsible for the development of the new business orientation and scheduling of the school.
    • Responsible for scheduling, ordering, and distribution of the materials for the library and equipment. Use of the computer lab, and use of the data to maintain the inventory of the books.
    • Responsible for the management of the school staff, scheduling and training for the purpose of providing written and verbal reports.
    • Perform clerical duties such as filing, ordering, and ordering of supplies and materials. Coordinate with the office of the office and other departments to ensure that all components are being followed.
    • Works with the leadership team in scheduling of the school improvement plan. Responsibilities include planning and organizing the preparation of the ceremony, brochures, and presentation of the event.
  • 2017-12-272017-12-27



    • Served as the school leadership Coordinator, the PTA, teacher Coordinator, and other faculty members. I also served as a liaison between the school and the community.
    • Collaborated with the leadership team to develop and implement a new curriculum to improve student performance and collaboration. Member of the school improvement Plan, staffing Committee, and the development of appropriate instructional activities.
    • Assisted in the development and facilitation of curriculum, assessment, and reporting to the school administration. Responsible for the planning of the student-athletes.
    • Developed and implemented a variety of instructional techniques and activities for the purpose of improving student performance, collaboration and communication with parents, teachers, and other staff.
    • Served as the school's leadership Council for the faculty and communications. Also, responsible for the development and implementation of the school-wide curriculum.
    • Developed and implemented a variety of communication and education needs, including: Collaboration with the team of teachers and administrators to improve the learning environment.


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