Sonja Pace - Special Education Teacher Resume Simple
Seeking a position as a Registered nurse in a reputed health care facility where I can utilize my skills and knowledge to provide quality patient care.
  • counseling, operations, therapy
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Special Education Teacher

    Bellevue University

    • Develop and implement a comprehensive curriculum for the school. Teach students how to use the art equipment. The program will be able to create a classroom environment.
    • Collaborate with teachers, social workers, and other professionals to ensure the best care for children. Coordinate activities of daily living and support to the parents.
    • Ensure that all staff members are up to date and in accordance with state and federal regulations. Maintain a clean and safe environment.
    • Provide a variety of services to patients with a variety of conditions, including autism, developmental delays, intellectual disabilities, and substance abuse.
    • Developed and implemented a curriculum for the school of children. I provided a wide range of services to students.
    • Developed and implemented a comprehensive curriculum for the students. Taught classes and skills to students. Provided feedback to staff on the development of the program.
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Clinical Intern

    Hollywood Video

    • Developed and implemented a comprehensive training program for the community and the community to increase awareness of HIV/AIDS and the prevention of therapy.
    • Provide assistance to the children in the operations of the school and the community. Perform daily activities of living and social skills.
    • Perform psychosocial assessments and counseling for children with Autism spectrum disorder. Experience in ADHD, bipolar disorder, and substance abuse.
    • Perform all aspects of patient care including medication administration, drug screening, and laboratory testing. Assist in the preparation of and maintaining records for medical records.