Michael Mccoy - First Grade Teacher Resume Simple
A highly motivated and passionate professional with a strong background in the areas of human resources, and administration. Proven ability to develop and implement strategies that improve performance and promote a positive impact.
  • staff development, trainer, presenter, writing, assessment, team leader
  • writing, staff development, assessment, presenter
  • 2017-12-262017-12-26

    First Grade Teacher

    NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

    • Developed and delivered educational workshops, teaching and coaching sessions for teachers, parents, and students. Taught classes on the use of classroom instruction, and the use of instructional materials.
    • Presenter at national conferences, including the development of a teaching and learning curriculum. The team was used to teach the principles of the College.
    • Provide mentoring and teaching to the students and staff. Serve as a resource for the team and the Board of Directors.
    • Instructor-led teaching, curriculum development, and facilitation of students. Created and implemented a series of workshops for teachers and parents.
    • Created and implemented a comprehensive program development plan for the Center, including the facilitation of the annual report, the monthly newsletter, and the creation of the first ever-wide qualitative and quantitative survey.
    • Conducted instructor-led workshops, and provided coaching and counseling. Trained and supervised staff. Oversaw the development of a new curriculum.
  • 2017-12-262017-12-26

    District- wide Math Curriculum Advisor

    The Creative Group

    • Presenter at national conferences, workshops, and workshops. Provided training and assessment of staff and students in the classroom.
    • Conducted staff training and development, including writing and implementing new programs and strategies. I also managed the school improvement program.
    • Developed and implemented a new employee development program for all employees. Trained and mentored staff to ensure the highest level of performance and quality.
    • Provided staff development and performance evaluation for all employees. Developed and implemented a plan to improve the overall performance of the team.
    • Provided training and development to staff and managers. Implemented new hire orientation. Developed and maintained training materials. Facilitated weekly meetings.
    • I have been able to create a team of over 50 people to help them reach their goals. This is a great success.


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