Sandra Eaves - First Grade Teacher Resume Simple
Licensed clinical psychologist with over 15 years of experience in the field of social work, and working in a variety of settings. I have worked in the mental health, and outpatient settings.
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  • communication skills, assessment, communication
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    First Grade Teacher

    Dunbar Vocational Career Academy

    • Provided individual instruction and supervision to students in the classroom, including: communication, socialization, and monitoring. Conducted a variety of educational and vocational activities.
    • Created and implemented lesson plans for students with disabilities and their education. Developed and implemented a curriculum for students to teach them how to use the skills of the school.
    • Participated in the development of individualized education program (IEP) meetings. Assisted with the development of behavior plans and implemented behavioral interventions.
    • Writing and implementing weekly lesson plans to teach students how to write their studies and leadership skills. I also learned the basics of the principles of the following: The principles of the teaching techniques.
    • Facilitated the development of a student support group for students with disabilities. Developed and implemented a curriculum for the students to teach them how to use the technology and explore the world of learning.
    • Maintain accurate and complete student records and report cards to students. Communicate with parents and teachers regarding student progress.
  • 2017-12-262017-12-26

    Registered Behavior Technician

    Landry's Inc

    • Provided direct support to children with autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, ADD, ADHD, and other developmental delays, including speech language, physical therapy, and communication.
    • Developed a comprehensive treatment plan for each child with developmental disabilities. Utilized ABA analysis, behavior modification, and the development of individualized plans for the children.
    • Provided direct support to the child and family in the assessment of the child's behavior and progress. Identified and recommended appropriate interventions to redirect inappropriate behaviors.
    • Utilized effective communication skills to help students learn and grow in their abilities. I also learned how to use the computers and other software.