Deborah Rogers - Creative Director Resume Simple
To obtain a position that will allow me to utilize my skills and knowledge in the field of information technology. I am a self-starter with a strong desire to learn and grow.
  • research, usability, solutions, clients, prototypes, workflow, user experience, ui, computer, communication, design
  • software, coding, web development, training, flash, web, implementation, design, management, prototypes, xml, php, website design, web services
  • 2017-12-262017-12-26

    Creative Director

    Comforcare Senior Services

    • Research, design, develop, and implement solutions to improve user experience and usability. This includes the creation of new content and publishing the content.
    • Managed and led the development of the marketing collateral and prototypes of the website and the communication of the customer to the customer.
    • Develop and maintain a new marketing plan to improve the workflow of the company and the front-end of the customer.
    • Developed a UI for the company to improve the efficiency of the product. This allowed the sales team to create a new customer base.
    • Managed the development of computer systems, including the creation of clients, and the ability to work with the company.
    • Collaborate with internal and external customers to ensure that the product is delivered on time and within budget. We have a strong understanding of the business and the ability to understand the needs of the client.
  • 2017-12-262017-12-26

    Web Manager

    CEC Entertainment

    • Design and implementation of web-based content management system using PHP, AJAX, JQuery, and JavaScript. Developed training materials for new features.
    • Worked with the development team to develop a localization and user interface for the website using Adobe Photoshop, AJAX, and XML.
    • Provided technical support for the entire software development including: design, coding, and usability of Adobe Photoshop, and JavaScript.
    • Implemented Adobe Flex for the website and the CMS system. Developed a custom application for the company. These websites were used to provide a Unified look and feel for the entire website.
    • Designed and implemented a new website for the ecommerce website using Adobe Photoshop, and other technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and AJAX.
    • Developed and maintained websites, including WordPress, eCommerce, and website development, and maintenance. Created custom WordPress theme and themes.