Michael Meinhart - Director Resume Simple
To obtain a position in the healthcare industry that will allow me to utilize my skills and experience to provide quality health care to patients.
  • supervising, documentation, child care, coordination, design, hipaa, patient counseling, training, compliance, administrative, health care, nursing, pediatrics, maintenance, clinical, mental health, counseling, teaching, communication, patient, osha, clerical, supervision, contracts, dental, compute
  • documentation, coordination, patient care, hipaa, patient counseling, compliance, training, teaching, nursing, pediatrics, maintenance, secretarial, clinical, child care, counseling, administration, communication, patient, osha, supervision, testing, computer, service, dental, safety, medical
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    Analog Devices

    • Medical Assistant-responsible for the nursing and clinical operations of the facility. Responsibilities include: interviewing, hiring, training, scheduling, counseling, and supervision of staff.
    • Duties: Responsible for the coordination of the nursing care, staff development, training, and documentation of all aspects of the nursing department.
    • Duties: Oversee all aspects of the medical practice, including but not limited to, interviewing, hiring, training, scheduling, and administration of the nursing staff.
    • Clinical Training: Responsible for the development and implementation of the policies and procedures of the department, including but not limited to, scheduling, maintaining and updating all required documentation, and ensuring compliance with HIPAA, OSHA
    • Responsible for the development of the medical Center, including patient care, staff training, and communication with the nursing staff, physicians, and ancillary departments.
    • Development of the construction and training program for the organization. Assist in the development of a new marketing plan for the healthcare service.
  • 2017-12-252017-12-25

    Nursing Supervisor

    Communities in Schools

    • Duties include: Medication administration, documentation, stocking of supplies, and organization of nursing and safety equipment. Provide patient care and education.
    • Provide training and coaching to staff, students, and clinical staff. Ensure that all documentation is accurate and complete.
    • Duties included: Supervision of medical assistants, vital signs, medication administration, and documentation of nursing care. Provided patient care and safety.
    • Maintain and manage the organization and documentation of all nursing and health records, including but not limited to: Vital signs, medication administration, nutrition, and other relevant information.
    • Documentation of all aspects of nursing care, including but not limited to: ordering, stocking, organization, and storage of medications.
    • Maintained and managed the organization and documentation of all aspects of the nursing home health record, including but not limited to, vital signs, medication administration, and patient education.